How Much Does A Web Design Cost in Australia?

After helping hundreds of small businesses to create their websites and digital marketing needs, We’ve have seen a lot and know much more better what customers are after similarly what required. At Ennovative Web, we are always being asked for general ball park figures for web design, SEO, logo and other services quotes but as a result we know what and we do ask customers their budget to make sure you haveto knock another website designers site. “How much does a website cost in Australia?” Do you want to really know how much for your website?

Cost of Building a Website from freelancers:

Factors Hiring a Ennovative Web

for Professional website

Using a Freelancers
Setup <$100 $160
Design & Building <$2,000 $5,000
Content Creation <$500 $500
Training to Use it <$100 $600
Maintenance <$300 $500
Total <$3,000 $6,760

If you are looking for a pricing chart for everything that has to do with building a website, there are plenty of resources scattered all over the internet. We have also listed our normal guideline just to make a quick mind set, but we do have some price list that depends upon your requirement as well. But, for those of you that want to dive straight in, I have outlined a brief overview of how much you can expect to pay for a website below but that’s not end of the world, there is no such thing as a quick answer to this question. The expectation of what a good quality web design might be to you will likely completely vary in comparison to other business owners.

Before we talk about pricing and explaining our pricing, we spend time talking to the business owner and understanding what they want to achieve from their website.

Is the site going to be a simple presence on the internet to satisfy the 2019 general expectation that all business must have a website. Or, are you looking to sell products online or drive traffic to a well-optimised landing page designed to increase leads and get the phone ringing. Once we know more about the business we can certainly begin giving guidelines on pricing.

Below are our most straight forward website packages designed to answer the question of, how much does a website cost in Australia in 2019? Keep in mind these are just general guidelines and will vary depending on the unique requirements of your project.

Even though we create custom quotes for each business (as every project is different and requires a unique approach), the prices above outline a few basic packages so you can get a feel for the general costs and options.

The annual fee is a flat $300, this takes care of the hosting, SSL Security, backup and on-going email and phone support.

5-7 pages designed
Mobile Friendly
Images and Banners
Photo gallery
1 round of changes
Ongoing customer support
Social media buttons
Contact form on contact page only
Google site submission
10-15 pages designed
Photo gallery
3 round of changes
Ongoing customer support
Social media buttons
Contact form on as many pages as you like
Google site submission
20+ pages designed + premium styling
SEO Friendly
Photo gallery
5 round of changes
Ongoing customer support
Social media buttons + widgets
Contact Form on as many pages as you like
Google site submission

Here’s the bottom line, your business does need a website in today’s modern business world. At Ennovative Web we have the complete solution to get your business online. It’s quick, affordable, and most importantly, completely hands-off once the site is live.

We keep the website up and running, take weekly back-ups, secure your site against hackers with daily malware scans, and our friendly support team are just a call or email away to help you out should you ever get stuck or need help.

Give us a call on 0404 610 987 or fill out the Free Quote form to get a quote right away.

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