Is your marketing strategy looking like this?

✓ You have a domain name but your web site just says “Coming soon”.

✓ Your web site does not bring you any business.

✓ You’re on page 20 of search results.

✓ Every time you want to make a simple change to your site, you have to contact your developer. And when you do it costs heaps.

✓ Your web site is looking dated.

✓ Your web site does not have any functionality.

✓ You would like to add video to your site but don’t know where to start.

✓ You want to add regular video updates but need an economical way of doing so.

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We can help you with these challenges and much more:

✓ We can plan and build the website that gives you unparalleled access to you to edit and augment.

✓ We have access to great graphic designers that can make it look good too.

✓ We can build a site that is part of an integrated marketing strategy.

✓ We can implement SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategies that will push you up the rankings.

✓ We can suggest and provide functions that will allow you to use your site in ways you never thought possible.

✓ We can create videos for your site to increase your visibility and customer response.

✓ We can set you up with an inexpensive in-house solution with which you can create regular video content.